See How the Ford F-Series Helps America Get to Work

Some of our Hickory Corners, MI drivers might know that Henry Ford released the Model T truck in 1917. This vehicle provided customers with a vehicle with great function, performance, and strength. Over a hundred years later, Ford is still manufacturing trucks with those goals. Ford trucks have become iconic for their rugged nature and capability. Lakeview Ford-Lincoln Inc, located at 295 W. Dickman Road in Battle Creek, MI, is pleased to carry a large selection of the new Ford F-150, new Ford F-250, and the new Ford F-350.

Ford has always made vehicles that made it easier for America to get to work and yet, Ford trucks remain very popular. Seriously, however, the strides in engineering and technology have allowed Ford trucks to remain a fan-favorite for over a century.

The Emergence of the F-Series

This fan-favorite really started to take shape between 1948 and 1952. Folks were coming home from World War II and Ford was trying to assist by building many models and trying to anticipate the needs of all these soldiers now that they were getting back to their regular lives.

Eventually, the F-series became to be known as our heroes: The F-150, F-250, and the F-350. At this time, some of our Hastings, MI customers may remember that the Ford trucks had an overhead valve V8 engine.

Innovations Lead to Dominance

Some of our Delton, MI customers may remember how the Ford trucks ended up with a Twin I-Beam suspension with coil springs and a four-door crew cab configuration. Eventually, three engine options were possible. Things were taking off with this impressive lineup of trucks.

Fast forward to today and Ford trucks are clearly still extremely popular. Many can be seen in the Marshall, MI area. With the new redesign of the F-250 and F-350, all the trucks now have the same cab design. The Ford F-150 famously started using an aluminum body construction, something that many other competitors are trying to emulate.

Experience New Ford Trucks

Ford trucks have had a storied history and are still wildly popular. Come into Lakeview Ford-Lincoln, Inc, in Battle Creek, MI, and only 20-minutes away from Augusta, MI, and drive one our new Ford trucks. If you prefer, you can call and schedule a test drive. Get behind the wheel, hear that engine roar, and take the first step in leasing or buying a new Ford truck today!

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