April is National Car Care Month, and Lakeview Ford is getting ready with special offers on popular springtime service center. With all the snow, ice, and salt, cold Michigan winters can be rough on your ride. So, we want to make it easy to get prepped for warmer weather with a little spring cleaning TLC. Here are some recommend spring maintenance steps your Ford SUV, truck, or car.

  • Oil and Filter Change: The number one item on any car maintenance list should always be an oil change. It's the most basic and most critical of services because oil lubricates and cools the engine and carries contaminants to the oil filter. With the frigid temps and excess road debris, Michigan winters are especially tough on your oil. Save on oil changes for your Ford SUV at Lakeview Ford.

  • Check Your Tires: Make sure your tire pressure is at the right level and that the tread is deep enough. This also a good time to have them rotated.

  • Replace Wiper Blades and Fluid: Extra cold temps can turn wiper blades brittle. To ensure you get the best clearance per wiper stroke, a new set of wiper blades is a must-have come springtime.

  • Test Our Battery: Car batteries work harder in colder temps. Plus, the change to warmer temps can speed up terminal corrosion and evaporate battery fluids. Now is a great time to have your Ford SUV's battery tested and replaced if necessary.

  • Brake Service: Increased road contaminants can cause extra friction between the pads and rotors, leading to faster wear. Before summer rolls around, take advantage of brake service specials for your Ford SUV or crossover.

Contact Lakeview Ford for more information about our latest spring service specials and to schedule an appointment.

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